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Various Bay Area Counties Are Preparing to Reopen Soon and When They Do Our Workers Demands Are as follows:
  • We Demand that All Essential Workers Have Proper PPE and should not receive Substitute Equipment that is not adequate for the safety of the worker and the general public.
  • We Demand N95 Masks for all Essential Workers In High Demand Positions, Health Care, Enforcement, Drivers and not paper surgical masks
  • We Demand that there shall not be any Unqualified workers  put in emergency front line positions without proper training i.e. Sanitary Workers
  • We Demand to Allow those employees who have began telecommuting to continue to telecommute 
  • We Demand to have certified sanitary personnel to clean  areas that can typically be suceptible to the COVID 19 virus 
  • We Demand to have all workers report hazardous events without retaliatory actions by management.  We suggest a form or a call in line to report.
  • We Demand that management Inform employees when there is an outbreak, to shut down, and take precautionary action to correct, by evacuating and to get the areas sanitized.
  • We Demand to place a moratorium against disciplinary actions against essential workers  who are making any negligent report of Action to go through a COVID  Committee for Decision
  • We Demand to provide essential workers with hazard pay who have direct contact with the public
  • We Demand Free psychology services to employees during this COVID era
  • We Demand to Have COVID Monitors  or Team Members in place similar to a Health Inspector to  ensure all facilities are following protocol of safety and cleansiness.  
  • We Demand testing of food establishment and health workers along with clients via Temperature monitoring
  • We Demand Santizing Stations at all Company Entrances and mandatory hand washing
  • We Demand one to a vehicle when on the job
  • We Demand Office spaces to be in Compliance to the 6 ft Distance Protocol
We encourage all SF Black Workers to provide their input.  If you'd like to share your story of disparities.  We would love to engage with you on our story page.  Fill our your information below or chime in with us at (925) 967-4009.  

Black Workers Unite is Based in the Bay Area of Northern California and the Goal is to Disperge the Racial Non-Equities!

Black Workers Unite is on a Mission to Demand changes in the work places.  Based on various stories and disperaging data we know we our inequitably targeted at work.  One example is looking at data from the City and County of San Francisco in 2018 Department of Human Resources it was described having racial inequities mainly for Black Workers..  Mayor London Breed adopted a directive to correct the City Departments compliance and to fix the inequities..  

From the recently released data it is not better but worst!  The new release of data is worst than it was before.  Black workers are fired more than any other race, along with the disparagies in displinary actions.  Now we are in a Pandemic to save our jobs as they put us in compromising positions on the front line along with DSW assignments that we are not qualified to do!   Office Personnel are being asked to use toxic chemicals to clean buses which is a specialty position. This is not a normal function and should be done with caution  by certified personnel. It can be detrimental  harmful and hazardous to ones life. . requires special gear, specialty training to deal with chemical agents and safety practices.  Workers are working in their street clothing.   In New York they have had over 100 employees to die within their transit agency.

BWU's Rapid Response to Our Own Pandemic

As we are in the era of the Coronavirus Pandemic  our Black Workers are the ones most likely to be on the front lines. Black workers are in various positions such as  transit, healthcare, administrative, custodian, sanitary, construction, enforcement, culinary, delivery, postal, security, food services, social services and etc.  Black Workers are being subjected to new disparities that jeopardize their own personal safety.  BWU wants to ensure Black Workers are protected and have all the necessary tools available to do their jobs safely.  We need to ensure that we are all prepared with the proper PPE.  In the light of the pandemic we are dealing with former disparities and new ones of being the primary focus of COVID 19.  We are dying more than 3 times any other ethnicity.   We must raise our voices in solidarity!  We have to take a stand for ourselves as no one will speak out for us if we do not.  We are in a fight that is JUST-US!   We  are ultimately on an island  all alone, so we Unite! 
"You do not fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity, Bobby Seale.


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The workers are carrying the germs homes to their families.  No coverings of the entire body nor N95 masks to keep participles from attacking a worker.  The buses require a special chemical agent and you must be trained to do this correctly.  Just recently Governor Cuomo closed the newyork subways for a thorough cleansing with specialized cleaning agents to be done each day.

Other issues are lack of PPE which is being promised over and over.  Enough is enough.  Our own SF front line workers are on the front lines without the proper PPE, along with Health Workers, Enforcement Officers and others.  Its not fair to put their lives in jeopardy when our own management will not go out one day to do the work that our workers do.  They are not brave enough to do the job, but can dictate that we should get out and do our job.  

Telecommute is a very biased process whereas many workers are being asked to come back into the office when their safety is still at risk.  As COVID 19 is a new Pandemic there are too many unknowns.  So why are they gambling with our lives as in Profits over Human Workers Lives..