Meet Kimberly Cox, M.A. and Co-Founder of Black Workers Unite (BWU)


    To understand an individual you must account for their environment and how they were raised.  With that being stated, Kimberly is a native San Franciscan.  Kimberly was Born to Mary and A.D. Ward  both from Houston and made San Francisco their residence. Kimberly is the youngest of three siblings.  Her parents were  residents of the  Mc Claren Park  (Portola) Community of San Francisco.   She learned advocacy directly from both of her parents early on. .Her mother was  an advocate in the Bay View Hunters Point Community  along with  working in the community schools.  She advocated for our communities of Color and later was the President of the Senior Community Center in Visitation Valley..  Notably Kim’s father started the first Black Golf Club in the Bay Area titled the “Bay Area Golf Club” out of his home..  From here he led several free Golf Clinic’s. Most notably he led the Mission Bay Golf  Clinic through  Bethel AME Church of SF. The former Mayor Willie Brown  Proclaimed  the A.D. Ward Day for his contributions to golf. for our youth.    He was responsible for hosting a Tiger Woods Day in a  Golf Clinic at Harding Golf Course along with advocating and getting the  First Tee’s arrival in San Francisco.


    Kimberly had a great foundation for doing advocacy which was demonstrated by her parents.  She learned early on to give back to community but to always stand up for what is right.   She is an advocate for Justice for the people and their bi-partisan rights concerning humanity 


    Ms. Cox is  the mother of two African Males and raised them in the Bay Area. She herself was raised in the Baby Boomer -Civil Rights Era in San Francisco.which shaped  and formed her philosophy that we are in a ‘Just-Us lens’ as it relates to racial equality and  disparities.  We are just as behind in racial justice as we were in the 60’s during the civil rights era.  She has personally been victimized by the Injustices in America  culture of being African American.  As we know it injustices occur every day with Police Brutality and modern day lynching..  She has been a social major for justice since her middle school days as a student council member, a board of education speaker who led her school on a walk out and protest to fight the unjustified closure of their school.  She was in one of the first  bay area protests who  marched in unison  with her classmates at  SFSU over the beating of Rodney King.


    Kimberly is the former Director of Project Bro Bro a  Bay Area 5013C promoting teen boys of color cultural knowledge of self,  and mentorship in academics. She is currently  employed by the City and County of SF in the SFMTA Sustainable Streets Division.  She serves on the Racial Equity Team and is a Union Stewart for SEIU.  She is the co-founder of BWU Bay Area alongside Cheryl Thornton another focal advocate for Justice of our Black Workers


    Education of the mind is important to intentionally understand our worlds dynamics.  Kimberly completed her Bachelors of.Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at CIIS and completed her Masters of Arts Studies at Touro University in Psychology with an emphasis in Media Communications.  Her main hobby is documenting  real life experiences as a videographer in her spare time.   She continues to Fight for Justice for the underserved communities namely Boys of Color, Prisoner Rights-Reform, Racial Disparities and the present COVID 19 disruption of Essential Workers Work Places. in the Bay Area ……

You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity’……Bobby Seale